Planning a Custom Shower? Ask Yourself These Questions

Jan 21, 2017


So you’re planning a custom shower? Exciting! A custom shower adds function and flare to any bathroom. 

There are many details to consider when discussing your project with a flooring retailer, installer and/or contractor. Here are some questions and suggestions to get you started:

Functional considerations:

(1)  If you’re renovating an existing bathroom and removing, for example, a bathtub insert, will the drain be staying in the same location?

(2)  Are you considering a barrier-free shower? This will dictate the slope of the shower tray, the size of tile and the drain options to which you’ll have access.

(3)  What type of shelving or niches will you include in the shower? Do you want a bench as well?

(4)  Will you have a steam shower? If so, we don’t suggest using natural stone on the shower walls or floors. We do, however, recommend porcelain tile. Porcelain is a great alternative that can be made to look like real stone!

(5)   Will there be a rain head in the shower? You might want to considering tiling your ceiling.

(6)  Are you using glass for the doorway or walls of the shower? Schluter®-Systems has a decorative profile that can act as a support channel for glass walls up to a thickness of 10 mm (3/8”). Read more here

(7)  What material will you be using on the shower floor? Sliced pebbles and mosaics are great options and can also be used as accents on the walls of the shower. When budgeting for your new shower, keep in mind that mosaics require more grout than larger floor and wall tiles, and certain mosaics, like rounded pebbles, require even more grout than a flat mosaic.

(8)  There is a difference between waterproof and moisture resistant. Cement board and moisture resistant drywall are fine for use in most areas of the bathroom, but if used within a shower enclosure, these substrates must still be waterproofed.

Aesthetic considerations:

(1)  What type of drain will you use? From standard center drains (square) to more modern, low-profile linear floor drains, there are lots of options. Click here to read about drain systems offered by Schluter®-Systems.

(2)  What finishes will you choose for your showerheads and faucets?  These choices will determine the finishes you’ll select for your shower profiles. Schluter®-Systems edging and other profiles are available in a variety of finishes including brushed nickel, polished chrome and antique bronze.

(3)  If using a shower curb, consider whether you’ll choose a solid piece of stone for your curb, a prefabricated shower curb or a curb built by your installer. If using a prefabricated curb or a built curb, it will need to be tiled.

(4)  What are your bathroom sight lines? Are there windows? Are you tiling the bathroom walls as well? If you are creating an accent band inside your shower, for example, you must consider how it flows with the room design and architecture.

Want to learn more about custom shower systems? Have a look here!