The New Neutrals

Jul 13, 2021

In the past, when we thought about neutrals for interior design we would associate it with tones that lacked color. A typical selection of neutrals would include ivory, cream, grey, and shades of white, as these were design choices that would act as a backdrop for the brighter elements in your home.

For those looking to put their home on the market, neutrals are a safe choice because of their wide appeal, while other homeowners simply looking to refresh their décor are drawn to neutrals knowing they wouldn’t get tired of looking at the tone every day.

However, after more than a year of being stuck inside our homes and tones being some of our only views every day, the popular classic neutrals are taking the backseat while new, fresh colors are being incorporated.

That’s right, we said colors.

Let’s take a look at the new neutrals being used in interior design and discover which of our tiles can live up to this trend…

Neutral Greens

Handmade Series: Sage

Series: Handmade | Color: Sage

VA Beveled and Smooth Subway Tile Series

Series: VA Beveled and Smooth Subway Tile | Color: - Sage

We think everyone missed the lovely shades of green outside this past year, so no wonder it has become a new neutral in our homes. And we’re not the only ones with an eye on this trend, in a 2020 Sherwin-Williams survey of 250 professional interior designers, 44% of those polled identified sage green as a new neutral tone.

Limestone Hexagon Series - Limestone Wood Taupe

Series: Limestone Hexagon | Color: Limestone Wood Taupe

For a while, grey was the ‘it’ neutral to choose for your home. Pantone named Ultimate Grey as one of the colors of the year in 2021. But as neutrals are getting warmer and warmer, taupe and beige are making a big comeback, and not just as a newer ‘careful’ option. When mixed with shades of white and wood it can create a beautifully cohesive room with varied tones.

Blush Pink

Grace Series - Blush Pink

Series: Grace | Color: Blush Pink | Please contact your sales rep, if interested.

Alchemist Series - Primrose

Series: Alchemist | Color: Primrose | Please contact your sales rep, if interested.

Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves, making it the perfect color to surround yourself with after a long day. And because of the beautiful, muted color, blush pink provides the warmth of beige while also being able to coordinate well with cooler elements in your home, such as gray and black, making it more versatile than you may think.


Hanoi Series - Black

Series: Hanoi | Color: Black

Hex Series - Black Matte

Series: Hex | Color: Black Matte

Black and other deep hues are often misunderstood as being gloomy and depressing; however, they have the power to add drama, sophistication, and moodiness to your home as a super versatile backdrop for almost all accent colors. And we’re not the only ones who think so, when polled by Sherwin-Williams, 66% of designers considered black to be a new neutral tone.

Noa Series - Tortora Mare

Series: Noa | Tile: Tortora Mare | Please contact your sales rep, if interested.

After we’ve been cooped up inside for so long, it’s no wonder why interior design trends are leaning towards a truly natural look and feel. Fortunately for us, the technology behind creating tile has opened up the possibility of selecting textures and images that connect us with nature to decorate our home with. From natural materials to designs that mimic the bark found on trees, the biophilic trend has something for everyone.

Wood Look

Shibusa Series - Tortora

Series: Shibusa | Color: Tortora

Century & Tangram - Honey & Walnut

Series: (floor) Century, (wall) Tangram | Color: (floor) Honey, (wall) Walnut | If interested in Century, please contact your sales rep.

In environments where humidity runs ramped, we’re looking directly at you Nova Scotia, wooden floors can be a homeowner’s headache due to their porous nature and ability to soak up moisture, resulting in warped and cracked floors. However, the design of wood look tiles has advanced so much that you may have difficulty differentiating them from the real thing. And with their water-resistant properties, you can be reassured that although they may cost you more upfront the wood look tile will remain looking as fresh and new as it did the day you installed them.

Series: Cocoon | Color: Multicolor 4" x 12"

Mas De Provence - All Colors (Cloud, Coal, Ecru, Ivory)

Series: Mas De Provence | Colors: (from left to right) Coal, Cloud, Ecru, Ivory

For those that aren’t quite ready to jump into a new neutral color and crave the comfortability of shades such as beiges, browns, whites, and greys, consider choosing stone looks in a similar shade to create more visual interest in your home.

Marble Look

Statuario Series - Mate

Series: Statuario | Color: Mate

Fitch Series - Rainbow

Series: Fitch | Color: Rainbow

A marble look is special because it simultaneously makes a statement while also acting as a timeless backdrop for the rest of your home. With the advancement of technology in tile, you can now select from a range of marble looks including the classic white with grey veining or opt for a darker look, as seen below.

So, you love these new neutrals just as much as we do and now are bombarded by too many options for your home? Don’t worry - pop into our showroom, or our retailers’ showrooms, to view the samples in person and let a knowledgeable sales rep guide you along this creative journey.